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Front Porch Makeover Ideas

Why do we often neglect our front porch? It’s the first impression your home puts out there and yet they end up boring, outdated and sad.  If a dark or dated design is deterring you from making the most of your porch, then let our gallery of some amazing yet easy porch remodel ideas inspire you.


Sometimes small porches, especially if they are enclosed, can be dark and uninviting.  A way to improve the look is to paint your front door.  Go with a color that compliments the body of your home and doesn’t clash with it. This will add life back to your front porch and gives you the opportunity to bring in some color. 




Porch Makeover


As we all know, black is timeless! Bold, black paint can turn even the most basic builder-grade doors into architectural statements. 





Updating the concrete by painting a geographic pattern or adding a fun rug will turn a boring patio a bit more inviting and fun.